Current cancer treatment today remains largely a one-size-fits-all approach.  You may have heard patients describe their cancer as a “Stage Two lung tumor” for example, which describes its location and stage of growth.  However, we now know that every patient tumor has a unique genetic fingerprint that makes their disease responsive to a particular therapy over another one. Research has also shown that, of the thousands of genetic abnormalities found in a tumor, a few are mutations that drive the cancer’s characteristics in your body – these mutations are called “driver” mutations.

The future of cancer treatment lies in personalized medicine, which uses each patient’s entire genetic profile and interprets those data to make the best treatment decisions for the individual patient.  While modern medicine is making significant advances by profiling these mutations in each patient’s tumor, there remains a critical gap in interpreting these data to identify the true driver mutations.

Soon, genetic sequencing of every tumor sample will be standard therapy, which means genetic information from millions of oncology patients will need to be analyzed quickly for its driver mutations.  At the same time, patients being enrolled in cancer drug trials will benefit from having their individual driver mutations identified upfront.  These key gaps are where Immortagen intends to dramatically impact cancer care.


Immortagen’s solution is the development of a revolutionary bioinformatics analysis pipeline that interprets genetic sequencing data to 1) determine the probability of recurrence of the cancer, and 2) identify driver mutations from the hundreds of mutations in each patient’s tumor.  This is not done by searching historical literature like today, but by true, novel, proprietary bioinformatics tools that analyze mutational data for each patient.  We hope our proprietary bioinformatics tools will improve patient survival with reduced morbidity over the ineffective current “shotgun” approaches of the cancer treatment.

Immortagen’s target customer groups are clinical diagnostic companies and oncology pharmaceutical companies, because the appropriate matching of patient mutational data to study arms/drug candidates is a more powerful way to address efficacy.  Ultimately, through a pharmaceutical partnership, Immortagen’s vision is to help oncologists to better select patient treatments by including our proprietary interpretation of each patient’s tumor mutational data. In addition, better outcomes mean less relapses for insurance companies to cover long term.

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