Kurt Heiar

President & CEO

Kurt is a UI Business faculty lecturer and the Lead Instructor for the University of Iowa’s statewide Venture School programs, where he initially began advising Immortagen. Kurt has been the President & CEO of four early stage companies to date, the latest being Immortagen. His experience includes building world-class Boards, completing multiple equity financing rounds, and recruiting top tier talent nationally. Kurt has mentored over 100 companies to date through his entrepreneurial role at the University, and has expertise in building early stage value for investors, employees, and customers. Additionally, Kurt has global strategic partnering experience in the drug discovery, biotech, medical device, and service sectors, and in leading a liquidity opportunity, with EnzyMed, Inc., a drug toolbox company he led from start up through acquisition. His corporate healthcare track record includes prior positions as Vice President, Marketing, for North America Biosciences, where he had multi-division responsibility for marketing, customer scientific support, convention exhibitions, strategic planning, and customer programs, as well serving as the Global Director, Immuno-Oncology Business Development, both positions at Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Kurt has also led entrepreneurial training the past three summers in Greece, and co-developed the inaugural national Venture Capital Fair in the country. Kurt is the former four-year Chair of the Iowa Business Council’s Entrepreneurial Formation initiative, and brings broad medical knowledge and recognized business leadership to Immortagen.